Bonanza Buddies Cute Birthday Cards

22 March 2020

With all of the hourly updates of the Coronavirus on the news at the moment, self isolation and social distancing. All new words we have had to comes to terms with recently, I thought I needed to create some fun cards to lighten the mood a little. I created these cute birthday cards out of the Birthday Bonanza bundle. These would be so cute for a child's birthday.

How cute are these guys!! I love the colour combinations and also how you can cut the lion, toucan and koala out to make the cards 3D and pop!!

The products I have used are below, click on an image to find out more about the product, or if you live in Australia, you can purchase the items through my online store.

As many of us are now in lockdown and in isolation, remember to keep in contact with loved ones and friends via social media and phone. 

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Remember to never underestimate the value of a handmade card


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